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At Simple insurance we have one goal to make things simple, letting you have more time to do what you do best and what you enjoy.

Fixed Price Insurance

How much could you save With Fixed Price Insurance?

We’re dedicated to helping you save money on the cost of your life and other personal insurance long-term, through delivering smart solutions that fit your budget and financial goals

The Benefits of Fixed Price Insurance are:

  • Budgeting certainty: Pay the same premium year after year
  • Save thousands on the cost of your insurance over time
  • Cover amount tailored to debt repayment milestones
  • Opportunity to channel savings into further debt reduction
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Employee Benefit Insurance

Do you want amazing benefits for your Employees?

We are dedicated to helping you identify and resolve your key business challenges around acquisition, retention and unforeseen costs. We provide professional advice on subsidised employee benefits insurance for businesses with 10 or more staff.

Benefits for employees

  • Attract high calibre employees
  • Improve retention rates
  • Budget for extended sick leave
  • Proactively manage absenteeism
  • Save upto 30% off retail insurance rates

Benefits for Employers:

  • No individual application paperwork
  • Reduction in personal insurance costs
  • Employer support with unexpected health issues
  • Cover of pre-existing health issues
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ACC Savings

Would you like to know how much you could save on your ACC?

Would you also like to know how much ACC would pay you if you needed to claim? We can set up an agreed level of compensation with ACC on your behalf. We can also remove the need for you to prove to ACC what you have earnt and how much income you will lose due to your injury. Let’s face it if you’re too injured to work you’re probably too injured to organise all of that!

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Protecting your income, repaying debt or accessing Private Health Care

Insurance can be an affordable option for repaying debt if a major illness or tragedy struck you or you family. It can also provide income if you can’t work or instant access to medical treatment or medication that the public health system doesn’t fund.

Repaying Business debt, Replacing lost Revenue or Funding to buy out a Shareholder

Insurance is the most cost-effective option to ensure if the important people in your business can’t work debt is repaid, revenue is replaced and your business can continue to operate. If a tragedy struck your business partner it can also be used to buy out their shareholding so your not stuck in business with their family or mortgaged right up to your bottom line to buy them or their estate out of your business.

Reducing the Long term cost of your Insurance

Like Death and paying Tax it’s also certain that the price of Insurance increases every year right? Wrong An Insurer won’t tell you this but there are smart options available where the price remains the same saving you thousands over time. Ask us about it.

Getting Covered for Professional Indemnity and Public Liabilty

If you made a mistake on a job or said the wrong thing to the wrong person or basically you %$#@ed up Would your insurance payout? That’s a better question than you think and can only be answered by an expert. If you want to know the answer get in touch with Jason.

Protecting your Business Assets, Plant , Machinery

This is an insurance that most people in business have however do you get a please pay in 7 days notice or a phone call from your broker to check that you actually still have that truck your paying for or what it’s actually worth. If you want good old-fashioned service with straight up advice we can help you out by distinguishing the bull from the smelly stuff.

Keeping great staff can be “simple”

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Reducing the cost of your ACC

If you are Non-PAYE Did you know that the invoice you receive from ACC isn’t what you have to or actually should pay. There are much better options involving cheaper rates or even a lower sum insured with ACC which we can arrange to save you money.

Checking you're not paying twice for Income Protection with ACC and your Private Insurer

If you don’t pay yourself out of a PAYE payroll and have income protection there is every chance that you are paying twice for your accident cover. At claim time you’re going to be very disappointed. We’ve been sorting out this common mistake for over 10 years, let us help you get it right.

Taking the Hassle out of claiming with ACC and gaining control of your ACC Bill.

Imagine an ACC product that paid you an agreed sum if you had an accident and couldn’t work. Imagine if that product had an agreed price and you could pay it off in instalments instead of receiving a random expensive bill at an inopportune time? Well imagine no more because we can organise such a contract even with the most inflexible of Insurer’s ACC ?


Home loan Refixing with your Bank in your best interest

When your home loan roles over it’s all about the best rate right? But are you actually getting the best rate? Are you getting the flat screen TV on offer or if you don’t take that TV could you get 5 flat screen TVs with the extra low rate you’re not being told about? Maybe restructuring your loan renegotiating the advertised rates or the way your payments are paid would truly pay your debt faster. The Question Is, Is the person at the bank your paying interest to really going tell you this? Cam will.

Getting you prepared to purchase your 1st home

What’s the easiest way to save your deposit? Can your parents help if so what the best way to negotiate this and the best way to approach them? What are the rules around deposits for different property’s and what do I need if I go to an auction? Call us and Cam will take all the uncertainty out of buying your 1st home

Helping you purchase your next property

Whether it’s your 2nd or your 10th property how do you know what you can borrow or what the best way to borrow it is. Getting yourself set up before you go shopping puts the ball in your court and allows you to act quickly and take advantage of an any opportunity’s and negotiate hard on your next dream purchase.

Funding that next business purchase

Do you really need to pay commercial rates for that next business purchase or is their sufficient equity to achieve considerable interest rate savings while still retaining tax deductibility? Let us help you have your cake and eat it too.

Kiwi saver


Are you stuck in a default scheme that's not going anywhere?

Kiwisaver unless you specify the Provider and the fund that you want you end up in a default provider/scheme which may not actually suit you or your needs. We can help you check this and get on the right track

+ Should Self Employed People opt into Kiwi saver?

I believe at the minimum level you’d be silly not to. When your self-employed you get use to paying also sorts of taxes some are even disguised as “levies” Well this is your chance to get some back! At the minimum Level of $20 per week over the course of a year you’ll get a $10 a week annual “member tax credit” This works out at a 50c in the dollar return which you just can’t argue isn’t a very good thing.

Is Kiwisaver a good way to save for a 1st home?

If you are an employee it doesn’t get much easier. As the contributions come out before you see them it makes saving easy. Your employer has to contribute at least 3% of your gross wage as well as that you get the Governments Annual Member Tax Credit this all adds up surprising quickly.

How hard is it to get my Kiwisaver out as a 1st home deposit.

There are some criteria to meet, You must have been in KiwiSaver for 3 years, leave 1k in your fund and be buying your 1st home (not a rental, some people in the same financial position as a 1st home buyer can also apply) Apart from that you should be able to pull out your contributions, your employers contributions as well as your member tax credits.

Employee Benefits


Looking for ways to attract and retain great staff?

Putting a scheme inplace that makes sure your staff can see a specialist or have the procedure they need when they need it rather than when the public waiting list allows them, shows you really care and have their best interest at heart. This builds loyalty especially if you can get pre-existing conditions covered for them that otherwise they could never get

Want to add more Value to your remuneration package without busting the bottom line.

Through some of our schemes you can get up to 30% discounts on normal retails rates. This means you can have a scheme as part of your remuneration package that gives your staff member far more value than they could afford on their own. Once again showing how much

Would you like to look after your Staff and their Family?

People often thing employee benefit packages only cover off health insurance, they don’t. Imagine if one of your staff was involved in a serious work place Incident. How would you support them and their family financially? A complete Employee Benefits scheme allows you to do the right thing by your staff and protect them when the going gets rough.

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